Dr. Vijay Jain

Life/Career/Retirement Coach

Life and Career Coach Helping Students and Professionals Achieve Financial Freedom without compromising the Quality of Life by Empowering Them with Strengths.

Bharat Manocha

Education/Career/ Coach

As being an experienced from education domain Bharat has mentored 1000 of students to provide information about Institutes and other life choices to grow immensely in their career.

Yogesh S. Chandak

Business Coach

Yogesh is a Change Agent by passion and Training and Development Consultant. He loves to Design, Develop and Deliver training to groups of people belonging to different professions and working at different levels.

Yogita Labrath

Vaidic Maths/Happiness Coach

Yogita teaches the techniques and tools that will help you help others find their happiness Understand and learn the psychology of what creates long term change in people.