Dr. Vijay Jain

Life and Career Coach Helping Students and Professionals Achieve Financial Freedom without compromising the Quality of Life by Empowering Them with Strengths. Dr. Jain help them with:

  • Financial Growth
  • Professional Growth
  • Personal Growth
  • Online Earning Tips
  • Business Ideas
  • Thriving Jobs

Dr. Jain help them to identify, achieve, and succeed in their dream career/business. I also help them become their BEST VERSION to have a fulfilling life by achieving growth in all the areas of life. Dr. Jain have 30 years of experience in Guiding, Counselling, Mentoring, and Coaching. During all these years, They have helped thousands of students and some professionals to succeed in their careers and life. They coach them to make the best use of their highest potential and achieve exponential success, lots of money, recognition, happiness, love, and respect. Dr. Jain help them to visualize their best self, draw the roadmap to success, and take action steps to achieve goals. They co-actively work with them to make them realize their potential and take them from where they are to where they have the potential to reach. They hold their hand and empower them to overcome obstacles on the way to success and boldly win over challenges. Equipped with rich experience of interactions with training & placement officers, recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources professionals, and exposure to different companies, they are best positioned to prepare them to qualify at different stages. They coach individually as well as in groups to bring the required transformation.